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Beautiful Sunset


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Cave Hiker


We are looking for adventurers to be part of our growing community.

Our mission is to contribute to a healthier and happier world through movement, adventure and more time spent outside. 

We think premium products that inspire and facilitate our mission can lead to more people living a fuller life. 

If you love the outdoors, are committed to your craft and love sharing your journey through authentic storytelling, we want to hear from you.


If you want to be considered for an ambassador position, please reach out to us with some of the following information.

1) Information about yourself and what inspires you on a daily basis.

2) Social handles and how you like to connect with your followers.

3) Why your interested in being part of the Kikooya family.

Send your responses here.

Thanks for your interest. We will try to respond in a timely fashion. 

Hiking in Sunset
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